Reporting fraud or corruption in projects financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

If you suspect fraud or corruption in a project financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you can report it confidentially to the Ministry's Corrupt Practices Expertise Centre (ECM).

Reporting fraud or corruption

You can report fraud or corruption by emailing

Only staff from the Corrupt Practices Expertise Centre have access to emails sent to this address.

Examples of fraud or corruption that you can report include:

  • theft or misappropriation of money or goods;
  • falsification of invoices, documents or receipts;
  • improper conduct around tenders, such as favouritism, bribery or inducements;
  • extortion or abuse of power involving, for example, intimidation, threats or violence;
  • conflicts of interest.

Reporting anonymously

You can report fraud or corruption via an anonymous email address if you prefer. You are not required to give your name, job title or address, although this information may make our investigation easier.

What information do we need about fraud or corruption?

If possible, include the following in your report:

  • the facts of the situation, in detail;
  • names of the people and/or organisations involved;
  • when the fraud or corruption took place;
  • your relationship to the people or organisations involved;
  • the relationship between the project or organisation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the embassy or consulate;
  • evidence such as documents or emails;
  • names of other people who have information about the situation;
  • whether you have also reported this situation somewhere else.

What happens after you report fraud or corruption?

  • You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt.
  • The Ministry will make preliminary enquiries and a case manager will contact you for additional information.
  • The Ministry will decide whether there are sufficient grounds for an investigation and will let you know whether it has decided to investigate.

How does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs handle personal data?

The Ministry treats personal data confidentially. You can read about this in the