Rules for visitors

Visitors to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building in The Hague have to comply with certain rules. Those who fail to do so may be refused entry. This document sets out the rules, which have been approved by the Ministry management.

Opening times

The Ministry building is open to visitors on weekdays from 07:00 to 20:00. Ministry officials wishing to receive visitors at any other time should first phone 070 348 4278 (the switchboard/ centrale meldkamer).

Parking garages for cars and bicycles

The bicycle garage (entrance from Prinses Irenestraat) has an area reserved for visitors, who must be accompanied there by a security officer. Once a visitor has put their bicycle in a rack, they have to go outside again and enter the Ministry building via the main entrance.

Visitors may not use the parking garage for cars.

Scanning and detection

To ensure the safety of visitors and Ministry staff, the building is equipped with scanning equipment and electronic detection gates. The scanning equipment checks visitors and their luggage for the presence of weapons, explosives and other undesirable items. Security staff may - with the visitors' permission - take additional measures such as searching the visitors' clothing. Any visitor who refuses permission for such a search may be refused entry without explanation.

If necessary, visitors may be refused entry for other reasons.


The Ministry building is divided into zones. Once visitors have been scanned and have passed through the electronic detection gate, they will have access to zone 1, the public zone.

For access to zone 2, the protected zone, visitors have to report to the reception desk on the first floor, where they have to produce identification (passport, driving licence, residence permit or identity card of another ministry). The Ministry official receiving the visitor is then informed of their arrival. Once the Ministry official has welcomed the visitor, they will be given a visitor's pass, allowing them access to zone 2. The relevant Ministry official will remain responsible for accompanying them within the building.

When visitors leave the building, they are accompanied to the revolving door, where they have to deposit their visitor's pass in the pillar.
Visitors should wear their visitor's passes visibly at all times.

Loss or theft of visitor's pass

If a visitor's pass is lost or stolen, it must be reported immediately to the security staff (tel. 4568) or to a receptionist.

Enforcement of order

Order in the Ministry building is enforced by the security staff. Anyone who causes a disturbance may be removed from the building.


Post may be delivered and picked up between 07:30 and 17:00 at the Dispatch Department's portakabin on Prinses Irenestraat. At other times, official post addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs may be delivered at the VIP entrance on Prins Clauslaan.

Press and cameras

Journalists and other media professionals may use the press facilities in the building. For identification purposes, they must possess a press card issued by the Dutch Union of Journalists (NVJ). Media professionals may bring cameras and other audiovisual equipment into the building as long as they are accompanied by an official of the Information and Communication Department (DVL).

Mobile telephones

As a rule, mobile telephones and other portable telecoms devices may be used in the Ministry building. Parts of the building where they are banned are signposted.


Narcotics and alcohol may not be brought into the building. Weapons, objects that could be used as weapons, ammunition, and explosives are all banned from the building. Visitors carrying a licensed weapon must hand it in to the security staff. It will be returned when they leave the building. At the entrance to the building, the security staff check visitors for weapons etc. with scanning equipment and electronic detection gates. Security staff may - with the visitors' permission - take additional measures such as searching the visitors' clothing. Any visitor who refuses permission for such a search may be refused entry without explanation.
Smoking is banned throughout the building except in designated smoking areas.


Cameras have been placed in and around the building. If necessary, they will be used to make video recordings, for instance in the case of disturbances.


Anyone present in the building during an emergency must comply with the instructions of the in-house emergency and first aid service and the security staff.