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Video: 'The Only Way is Up' conference

Living wages and incomes are a human right - but someone has to pay for them. ... That's why we're all here today. So that ...

Video | 23-01-2020

Answers to questions asked DSP

Publication | 17-01-2020

State of consular affairs - 2019 edition

The consular world is dynamic and continues to develop as we achieve progress and results. The 2019 edition of State of Consular ...

Report | 15-01-2020

National sanctionlist terrorism

The national sanctionlist terrorism contains the names of individuals and organisations who are involved in terrorist activities. ...

Report | 13-01-2020

Statement on Recent Developments in Iraq

The Netherlands condemns the attacks by armed groups in recent weeks against the Global Coalition against ISIS in Iraq. Coalition ...

Diplomatic statement | 02-01-2020

Country of Origin Information Report Syria (December 2019)

This thematic country of origin information report describes Syrian documents, insofar as these are important for the assessment ...

Report | 31-12-2019

Application form with annexes Drylands Sahel Program

Publication | 27-12-2019

Ambassadors in the Netherlands (december 2019)

Overview of ambassadors in the Netherlands (december 2019).

Publication | 19-12-2019

Aram Hasan: Dutch psychiatrist with lived experience from Syria

Aram Hasan is a Dutch psychiatrist with lived experience from Syria. Aram develops therapies that ensure effectiveness of mental ...

Video | 17-12-2019

Peter Ventevogel, Senior Mental Health Officer at UNHCR

Video | 17-12-2019