External Evaluation of the Pilot Fund Peace and Security 4 All - Directie Sociale Ontwikkeling (DSO)

This evaluation assesses the achievements of three consortia, composed of seven small to medium women/diaspora organizations, that implemented programmes under the Peace and Security 4 All (PS4A) Pilot Fund in support of NAP III implementation. Findings pertain to results at target group level in Afghanistan, Burundi, DR Congo, Libya, Mali and Sudan, and to the contribution made by collaboration.

The objective of the external evaluation of PS4A was to assess to what extent the overall goal and objectives of PS4A have been achieved. The evaluation assess the programmes undertaken, the functioning of the three implementing consortia, as well as the functioning of the PS4A Fund itself. Data was triangulated through online interviews and documentation study, as no fieldwork was foreseen and Covid19 restricted the use of interactive methods. The evaluation supports accountability of the PS4A-consortia towards the Ministry and promotes learning on women, peace and security programming. The outcomes, results and recommendations of this evaluation have been shared with the PS4A-consortia and WO=MEN, the Dutch Gender Platform.