Capacity Building for operations of Secondary Urban Water Systems and Urban Sanitation Systems under the mandate of AIAS, Phase II

The report presents the outcomes of the end evaluation of the programme known as PO35- AIAS phase II. This programme is being implemented by the Administração de Infraestrutuars de Água e Saneamento (AIAS) with objective to increase acess to sustainable water and sanitation services in small towns in Mozambique. The evaluation was commissioned by EKN Maputo with objective to assess achievement of the main results of programme and give input to the third phase. Overall, there are positive results reported and being the main concern the sustainability and effects beyond the programme. 

This is the final report of the end evaluation that was conducted as part of an obligation within the contract between EKN Maputo and AIAS (Administration of Water and Sanitation Infrastructure).

The programme was implemented in 35 small towns with the main objective to improve access to water and sanitation services to the population in these towns. The overall outcomes of the programme were 130 additional people served with safe drinking water and 47.800 additional people with access to safe sanitation by the end of 2020. Overall, the programme performs very well and it is expected that the results will be achieved.

Most of the recommendations of the evaluation were used to formulate the third phase of programme, increasing the number of cities from 35 to 75 small towns.