End of program evaluation report - Population Services International (PSI) Burundi

Expanding Family Planning and Integrated Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Burundi, Phase II

From 2017-2020 PSI managed phase II (act.# 29273) on a budget of $7.78M, to increase Burundi’s CPR through expanding delivery of quality SRH products & services to women and youth aged 15 – 24. The activity also increased affordable FP services and products in Burundi through the private sector, and improved SRH knowledge, attitudes and practices and reduce socio-cultural barriers. 

Burundi is an overpopulated country with few resources and 80% of people depending on agriculture. The program boosted the use of FP and reduced teenage pregnancies, HIV prevalence and total fertility rate. For example, in 4 years a 46.7% increase of new clients for FP service was recorded. Male condoms and injectable contraceptives have accounted for most of the CYPs. The program boosted access to and use of SRHR services for youth. The program supported 57 (Tunza) clinics providing youth friendly services; more than a third have designated youth spaces that offer HIV counseling and testing. The findings of this evaluation will feed into EKN’s new SRHR programme starting early 2021.