Effect evaluation of PUM Netherlands Senior Experts phase 2017-2020

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs commissioned SEO Amsterdam Economics to carry out the 2017-2020 evaluation of PUM Netherlands Senior Experts, a volunteer organisation financially supported by the MFA. PUM assists local businesses via knowledge transfer. This is expected to improve their practices, and in turn increase their performance.

The objective of the evaluation is to report on the effectiveness and efficiency of the use of public funds (accountability) and to draw lessons that could be taken into account for possible future programming (learning). Therefore, the evaluation looks into:

  1. the relevance and added value of PUM's support to local SMEs and Business Support Organisations;
  2. the effectiveness and efficiency of PUM's impact-driven and more programme-based approach; and
  3. lessons and recommendations for possible future cooperation.

In sum, the report provides insight in to what extent PUM contributes to sustainable and inclusive economic development.