Effectiveness Study of the Financial Inclusion Efforts of Four Rabo Partnerships (2015-2019)

This study was commissioned to gain insight into the impact of the interventions by Rabo Partnerships (RP) as part of the PPP between RP and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in 2013-2019. It aims to ascertain whether RP’s involvement contributed to an increase and improvement of access to finance by marginalized groups (financial inclusion), private sector development and financial stability

The current effectiveness study is about the time period of November 2013-June 2019. The study focuses on 4 institutions across 4 countries; National Microfinance Bank (NMB) in Tanzania, FED Invest in Albania, Yoma Bank in Myanmar and dfcu in Uganda, chosen because of ongoing activity, which facilitates immediately relevant learning lessons and eases the availability of data. Both quantitative and qualitative evidence is combined in the study, including bank-specific data. The research approach was adapted from on-site visits to video interviews due to Covid-19. The analysis was undertaken in autumn 2020 before the military coup in Myanmar. The study therefore reflects the findings based on the autumn 2020 analysis and results cannot be extrapolated to the present-day situation.