End-line Evaluation of Max Nutri-WASH Programme in Bangladesh

Max Nutri-WASH was an innovative program improving child health and potential. Leveraging WASH and nutrition markets through entrepreneurs resulted in halving stunting rates and improved WASH conditions for 1,2 million people. The program featured payment by results, effective direct result verification, effective delivery of public and private services and integrating child wellbeing to WASH.

The program became relevant and successful within 5 years of implementation. Meticulous strategic planning, well trained and experienced staff, strong field engagement and coordination made this program efficient, effective, result oriented and sustainable. The key factors of achievement include:

  • evidenced based grassroots participatory messaging/communication;
  • building strong buy-in and ownership of family, community and local government institutions;
  • strong focus on behavior change and market led social incentives;
  • healthy village approach.

Proven approaches will be further developed and scaled in a follow-up program with stronger focus on entrepreneur involvement. This evaluation will support further extending and monitoring Max’s WASH initiatives in Bangladesh.