Ukraine Accountability Conference wrap up

(On-screen title: UAC, Ukraine Accountability Conference. Matteo Mecacci:)


MATTEO MECACCI: We have here a number of countries
and international organisations
that are working to ensure accountability for potential human rights violations
and war crimes, crimes against humanity,
which may have happened since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.
WOPKE HOEKSTRA: The road to justice starts with the will,
not just to go forward, but to do so together.
UZRA ZEYA: With each day, the war crimes mount:
rape, torture, extrajudicial executions,
disappearances, forced deportations.
GOEDELE LIEKENS: For the survivors of sexual violence
to feel a sense of justice... For them, the prevention part is important.
PRAMILA PATTEN: When it comes to sexual violence,
which is being used, for all intents and purposes, as a weapon of war,
it will not be cost-free to do what they're doing.
PÄIVI MARJAANA KAUKORANTA: Wherever these kinds of crimes,
atrocities, happen, they cannot go unpunished.
MARÍA CARMELINA LONDOÑO: The system needs to be victim-centred.
That's the only way to restore the social fabric.
DIDIER REYNDERS: You cannot put a price on the loss of life,
the loss of a family member or the loss of a person's dignity.

(Volodymyr Zelensky speaks to a room full of people by video chat:)

VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY: Ladies and gentlemen,

(Ladies and gentlemen, justice should always take its course, and our task, as well as that of all statesmen, is to provide all of the necessary tools for justice to happen.)

justice should always take its course, and our task, and that of all statesmen,
is to provide all of the necessary tools for justice to happen.


(Zelensky stands up, as do those present in the room. Josip Brki?:)

JOSIP BRKIĆ: It is important
that all of those who are not respecting the integrity of human life
should be held accountable. At the same time, we all stand together.
DMYTRO KULEBA: This is a clear demonstration of solidarity and commitment.
KARIM A. A. KHAN: So, action is happening.

(The Dutch coat of arms, next to: Government of the Netherlands. On-screen text: UAC, Ukraine Accountability Conference. The Hague/The Netherlands/ 14 July 2022. At the bottom of the screen are the logos of the Office of the Prosecutor, the International Criminal Court and the European Commission.)