Reaim 2023

The government of the Netherlands is hosting a summit on Responsible Artificial Intelligence in the Military Domain: REAIM 2023. 

Manufacturing robots,
self-driving cars, chatbots.

Machines and software
are becoming increasingly independent...

in carrying out tasks
and making their own decisions.

We call this Artificial Intelligence.

AI is a technology
that is fundamentally changing our world...

and rapidly becoming part of our daily lives.

Military organisations around the world
are increasingly adopting AI...

in analyzing data
and in decision-making processes.

This military application of AI is essential
for defending our global values...

against present and future threats.

But there are concerns about potential risks.
Will we as humans still be in control?

Will AI lower the threshold for the use of force?
Who is responsible if AI makes a mistake?

It is critical for the international community
to look at both the opportunities and the risks...

and to take responsibility
for the potential applications of this technology...

now and in the future.

The Netherlands strives to be a progressive
and responsible high-tech country.

That is why we are organising the REAIM Summit
on responsible AI in the Military domain.

The summit is hosted by Dutch Minister
of Foreign Affairs Wopke Hoekstra...

in close cooperation with the Ministry of Defence.

It will be held on February 15 and 16, 2023
in The Hague...

international city of peace and justice.

During the REAIM Summit,
governments, businesses, academics...

and civil society organisations
from around the world will come together.

They will decide
on what actions need to be taken...

to ensure the military application of AI
is dealt with responsibly...

including research, development,
innovation, application...

and the frameworks
that govern the use of AI globally.

These actions will ensure
that AI remains in the service of people...

and a tool only used with the greatest of care.

The Hague/TheNetherlands 2023 February 15-16
Responsible AI in the Military domain Summit