Video Restoring Justice for Ukraine Conference

*Inspirational music plays* 

On-screen text: Restoring Justice for Ukraine. 
The Hague, The Netherlands, April second, 2024. 

We hear and see dignitaries of different countries. 

Dignitary 1: 
We are here today because of our shared beliefs, our belief in justice, our belief that crimes cannot go unpunished. 

Dignitary 2: 
It is crystal clear that there can be no lasting peace without justice. 

*Inspirational music continues*

On-screen text: Restore justice. 

Dignitary 3:
We must ensure comprehensive accountability, even while the aggression is still ongoing. 

Dignitary 4: 
Mother of all the crimes, the crime of aggression, will not go unpunished. 

*Inspirational music continues*

Dignitary 5: 
Weapons give physical protection, but it is justice that restores the sense of security to life. 

Dignitary 6: 
I think the Dialogue Group, that I will come to in a moment, really was an innovative solution. 

Dignitary 7: 
From almost the very beginning of the full-scale invasion, one of the most challenging issues was coordination. The Dialogue Group has a potential to become a solution here too. 

Dignitary 8: 
Defeating Russia in the courtrooms and on the battlefield is the only way to deliver a just and lasting peace. 

Dignitary 9:
I am happy to announce today that the Netherlands stands ready to host the future compensation mechanism here in The Hague. 

Dignitary 10: 
Your solidarity with the people of Ukraine is a beacon of hope in our nation's darkest times. 

Dignitary 11:
Let us move forward with determination, courage, and shared commitment to create a world where impunity for international crimes are relics of the past. 

Dignitary 12: 
The Register of Damage for Ukraine is vital to achieve that. 

Dignitary 13: 
With great pride and an equally great weight of responsibility, I announce that the Register of Damage for Ukraine is now open for submission of claims. 

Dignitary 1: 
Already more than 100 claims have been filed. And the numbers are rising by the hour. The road to accountability is a long one. We have to walk it together. Only then we can achieve justice and eradicate impunity. 


On-screen text: Restoring Justice for Ukraine. 
The Hague, The Netherlands, April second, 2024. 

*Applause fades*