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Letter to the House of Representatives on the progress of the EMA’s relocation and the second written report on the construction of the permanent building

Minister Bruins (Medical Care and Sport) informs the House of Representatives on the progress of the EMA’s relocation including ...

Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 09-04-2019

I use several different medical devices. How will I know they will still be safe to use after Brexit?

Question and answer

If a medical device suddenly becomes unavailable after Brexit, can the Dutch government intervene?

If the UK leaves the EU with a withdrawal agreement, the availability of your medical devices will not be affected.

Question and answer

Could there be a shortage in The Netherlands of the medical devices I need after Brexit?

Medical devices include insulin syringes, blood glucose meters, wheelchairs, implants, blood bags and surgical thread.

Question and answer

White paper on medical devices in relation to a no deal Brexit

Updated 12 april 2019 - This document contains information about medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics in relation to a no ...

Publication | 13-03-2019

Together against human trafficking

An integrated programme approach to tackling sexual exploitation, labour exploitation and criminal exploitation.

Report | 28-02-2019

Registration form Permission requesting safety feature stamps (SF/VHK stamps)

Form | 25-02-2019

Reducing pharmaceutical residues in water: a chain approach

Implementation programma for 2018-2022 to reduce pharmaceutical residues in water. Such residues can harm aquatic fauna and ...

Policy note | 12-02-2019

Additional information on security feature stamps on tobacco products

Summary of important points regarding security feature stamps on tobacco products. This includes information on which products ...

Letter | 22-01-2019

Safety feature stamps for tobacco products

By letters dated on 7 and 17 December 2018, parties that manufacture tobacco and/or trade in tobacco products are asked to issue ...

Publication | 20-12-2018