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Legal analysis - European legislative proposal draft AI act and MDR/IVDR

In April 2021 the European Commission released a regulation proposal, referred to as the AI Act, aimed at the safe and efficient ...

Publication | 25-05-2022

COVID-19 in the Netherlands: how the Netherlands deals with coronavirus

This leaflet describes how the Netherlands deals with coronavirus. The leaflet is available in Ukrainian, Russian and Dutch.

Leaflet | 31-03-2022

Translations getting proof of vaccination after being vaccinated abroad (French, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Russian)

You need proof of vaccination. Most people won't have any trouble retrieving their data via the CoronaCheck app or ...

Publication | 16-03-2022

Short leaflet about BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine (Arabic, Turkish, Polish)

Leaflet | 09-03-2022

Short leaflet about Moderna vaccine (Arabic, Turkish, Polish)

Leaflet | 09-03-2022

Invitation letters for a additional coronavirus vaccination

Example letters that contain an invitation to get a booster jab against coronavirus. Whether you want to have this booster jab is ...

Letter | 25-02-2022

Brochure - Help and support when isolating

If you have tested positive for coronavirus you will have to isolate. This brochure contains information about where you can get ...

Leaflet | 10-02-2022

Invitation for and information about booster jab (translations)

Here you will find leaflets on the booster jab against the coronavirus in different languages (English, Arabic, Turkish). You can ...

Leaflet | 24-01-2022

Invitation letters COVID-19 vaccination children

Example letters that contain information about coronavirus vaccinations for children aged from 5 to 11. It also tells you how to ...

Letter | 18-01-2022

The booster jab offers better protection (translations)

Flyer entitled 'The booster jab offers better protection' in English, Arabic, Turkish and Polish. 

Leaflet | 12-01-2022