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Posters 'Coronavirus measures from 25 September 2021' (translations)

Enough people have been vaccinated for the coronavirus measures to be relaxed. As of 25 September, people no longer have to stay ...

Publication | 23-09-2021

Flyer self-test in other languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Turkish, Polish, Chinese)

Publication | 17-08-2021

Posters 'Coronavirus measures from 14 August 2021' (translations)

Dutch coronavirus measures from 14 August 2021 in English, German, French and other languages.

Leaflet | 13-08-2021

Cessation of the MRA between Switzerland and EU - Consequences for the Dutch medical device market

The European Commission announced that the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) for medical devices between Switzerland and the ...

Publication | 02-08-2021

Quarantine declaration

You are coming from a country for which mandatory quarantine applies. You must therefore complete a quarantine declaration. You ...

Publication | 29-07-2021

COVID-19: Instructions for travellers on travelling and quarantine (English and Dutch)

Publication | 27-07-2021

Flyer for undocumented people about vaccination against COVID-19

Undocumented people have specific questions about the vaccination against COVID-19. This leaflet answers some of these questions. ...

Leaflet | 06-07-2021

Short leaflet with general information

In 2021 everyone aged 18 and over in the Netherlands will be invited to get vaccinated against COVID-19. This is short general ...

Leaflet | 01-07-2021

Leaflet about the Janssen COVID-19 vaccine

Leaflet with information about the Janssen COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine consists of 1 dose. You will be protected against ...

Leaflet | 25-06-2021

Opening plan step 4: All locations open with 1.5-metre distancing

On 26 June we will take the fourth step of the reopening plan and everything will reopen. But people must still stay 1.5 metres ...

Leaflet | 18-06-2021