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What is a personal digital healthcare environment?

A personal digital healthcare environment is a place where you can keep all your medical information: from care providers, from ...

Question and answer

I am a healthcare innovator with an idea for eHealth. How can I take it a step further?

Do you have an idea for a new digital healthcare application? And would you like to take it further than just your local ...

Question and answer

Speech by Martin van Rijn, Deputy Minister for Health, Welfare and Sport, at the EU-conference 'Living with(out) dementia'

Speech | 09-05-2016

AMR Next - Factsheet EU Antimicrobial Resistance One Health ministerial conference 2016

AMR Next is a paper about the EU conference on AMR. This paper contains good practices on AMR in the healthcare and veterinary ...

Leaflet | 18-04-2016

Appendix 2: Complete set of regulations for securing the affordability and accessibility of expensive medicines

Publication | 07-03-2016

Summary of Medicines Plan

Report | 26-02-2016

Appendix 1: Development Agenda Medicines Policy Plan

Publication | 29-01-2016

Medicines Policy Plan: New drugs available to patients fast at an acceptable cost

Letter | 29-01-2016

Good Practices (Use of Antibiotics)

This factsheet starts by briefly describing the Dutch policy towards antibiotic usage and goes on to discuss developments in ...

Report | 27-01-2016

Cost-Effectiveness of Policies to Limit Antimicrobial Resistance in Dutch Healthcare Organisations

Given the rapid EU-wide spread of antimicrobial resistance and the limited pipeline of new antimicrobials, cost-effective ...

Report | 27-01-2016