I’m considering abortion. What should I do?

If you are considering having an abortion, you can contact your doctor (GP, huisarts in Dutch), an abortion clinic or an organisation that can help you with this decision. You and the doctor can decide together how much time you need to think about what you want to do.

Help with making a decision

Maybe you’re not sure about getting an abortion. Or you want more information about other options for an unplanned pregnancy. You can get help making this decision. There are special organisations all over the Netherlands that can answer your questions (in Dutch). You can also get this help online. For more information about your options, go to the website of the unplanned pregnancy information point (Infopunt onbedoeld zwanger). Or talk to your GP, a social worker or an abortion clinic. 

Abortion at a clinic or a hospital

You can get an abortion at an abortion clinic or a hospital. You don’t need a doctor’s referral to go to an abortion clinic. You can contact an abortion clinic yourself. You can find a list of abortion clinics (in Dutch) on the website of the Dutch Association of Abortion Specialists (NGVA). 

If you need to terminate your pregnancy for a medical reason, your doctor will refer you to a hospital. 

In the near future, it will be possible to ask a GP for medication (‘abortion pill’) to terminate a pregnancy. This is called a medical abortion and is possible up to the 9th week of pregnancy.

Getting support after an abortion

If you need counselling after your abortion, this is available free of charge. You can also get counselling online. For more information about support after an abortion, go to the website of the unplanned pregnancy information point (Infopunt onbedoeld zwanger) (in Dutch). Your GP can also refer you for counselling.

Costs of abortion

If you live or work in the Netherlands, an abortion is free of charge. Abortions carried out at abortion clinics are funded by the government. An abortion performed in a hospital is covered by your health insurance. In the future, when medical abortion becomes available from GPs this will be free of charge too.

If you do not have valid residence documents or are in the Netherlands temporarily, you will have to pay for the procedure yourself. An abortion clinic can tell you more about the costs.

Are you unsure about whether you will have to pay? Because you are a foreign student or a labour migrant, for example? If you fall under the Chronic Care Act (WLZ), abortion is free of charge. The Social Insurance Bank website explains who is insured under the WLZ.