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  1. Letter on amended restriction of air traffic to Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba

    Minister Bruins and Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen inform the House of Representatives of additional restrictions for civil air ...

    Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 16-03-2020

  2. Keynote speech by the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, Cora van Nieuwenhuizen Maritime Seminar, Surabaya, 12 March 2020 ‘Towards sustainable and smart port development’

    Speech | 12-03-2020

  3. Address by minister Van Nieuwenhuizen at the official opening of the Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO), March 12

    Speech | 12-03-2020

  4. Closing speech by Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, at the River Basin Management Seminar, Surabaya

    “I believe Dutch-Indonesian cooperation will lead to more smart solutions and new business cases for a clean and prosperous ...

    Speech | 12-03-2020

  5. EETS-register 2020

    In this register the Netherlands sets down the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) domains in its territory, and to which ...

    Report | 06-02-2020

  6. Video: Reusable flyover

    Rijkswaterstaat, contractor Van Hattum & Blankevoort and precast concrete supplier Consolis Spanbeton are building the first ...

    Video | 15-08-2019

  7. Public Transport in 2040: Outlines of a vision for the future

    Central government, the regions, transport operators and ProRail have entered into a partnership with the aim of arriving at a ...

    Publication | 13-06-2019

  8. CycleOn - bike safety & vitality for elderly

    Cycling is an important means of transportation in the Netherlands, especially for the elderly. It keeps them healthy and  ...

    Video | 09-05-2019

  9. The power of contrast

    Corporate video ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

    Video | 23-04-2019

  10. May I drive in the United Kingdom on my Dutch driving licence?

    Yes, from 1 January 2021 you may still drive in the United Kingdom on your Dutch driving licence, regardless of whether you are ...

    Question and answer