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Press conference about coronavirus: changes from 1 June explained in simple language

On Tuesday 19 May, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Health Minister Hugo de Jonge spoke about coronavirus on TV. Below are the most ...

Publication | 29-05-2020

COVID-19: the Dutch steps after 11 May in simple language

On Wednesday 6 May, Prime Minister Mark Rutte talked about coronavirus on TV. These are the most important things he said:

Publication | 06-05-2020

Organization chart Ministry of Justice and Security

Organization chart of the Ministry of Justice and Security.

Publication | 01-05-2020

Factsheet Could I lose my Dutch nationality automatically? And how can I avoid this?

Do you have Dutch nationality and do you want to take a second or subsequent nationality? Or do you already have a number of ...

Leaflet | 28-02-2020

Minors and loss of Dutch nationality

Children under the age of 18 can lose their Dutch nationality. For instance, if the father or mother lose their Dutch ...

Leaflet | 28-02-2020

Is entering into a sham marriage a criminal offence?

If you enter into a sham marriage, you are committing a criminal offence.

Question and answer

As a foreign national, do I need to inform the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) if I move?

If you are are relocating within the Netherlands, you need to inform the municipality. You do not need to inform the Immigration ...

Question and answer

How do I apply for a residence permit for the Netherlands?

How you apply for your residence permit depends on several factors.

Question and answer

How do I apply for a short-stay Schengen visa for the Netherlands?

Normally, you apply for your short-stay Schengen visa in the country where you live. Exactly how and where varies from country to ...

Question and answer

Do I have to comply with Dutch civic integration requirements?

Whether you need to comply with Dutch integration requirements depends on a number of factors, including your nationality.

Question and answer