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  1. Where can I get help with gambling problems?

    You can get help 24 hours a day by phone or online from the Gambling Help Centre. You can also register for a gambling stop.

    Question and answer

  2. Organization chart Ministry of Justice and Security

    Organization chart of the Ministry of Justice and Security.

    Publication | 10-06-2024

  3. An analysis of the sovereign movement in the Netherlands

    Publication | 06-05-2024

  4. What is the difference between cannabis, weed, hemp and hash?

    Cannabis, or hemp, is the name of the plant. Weed, marijuana and hash (hashish) refer to various products that are made from the ...

    Question and answer

  5. What does the experiment mean for me as a consumer?

    During the experiment you can buy cannabis that has been tested for quality. That is the main change for consumers.

    Question and answer

  6. Information for host households of refugees from Ukraine

    Many refugees from Ukraine are accommodated by a host household in the Netherlands. If you are one of these host households and ...

    Publication | 25-01-2024

  7. What legislation is the Controlled Cannabis Supply Chain Experiment based on?

    New legislation has been drawn up to allow for the supply of regulated cannabis (hash and weed) to coffee shops.

    Question and answer

  8. What cannabis products can coffee shops offer during the Controlled Cannabis Supply Chain Experiment?

    During the experiment coffee shops can offer cannabis from designated growers only. This includes weed, hash, prerolled joints ...

    Question and answer

  9. Consent letter for minors travelling outside the Netherlands

    Do you intend to travel outside the Netherlands with a child over whom you do not have parental authority? Please use this form ...

    Form | 06-12-2023

  10. Speech by minister Weerwind at the Martin Luther King lecture

    Speech by Minister for Legal Protection Franc Weerwind at the Martin Luther King lecture on 9 October in Amsterdam.

    Speech | 09-10-2023