What does the experiment mean for me as a consumer?

During the experiment you can buy cannabis that has been tested for quality. That is the main change for consumers. Participating coffee shops will continue to sell different cannabis strains and products. And you will be able to get information and advice about cannabis.

Cannabis quality

The cannabis sold in the coffee shops participating in the experiment is tested for quality. Because of this you will know how much THC and CBD are in the products. THC and CBD are compounds in cannabis that together produce the plant’s effects. The amount of heavy metals and aflatoxin in the products will also be checked. Aflatoxin is a toxin that can occur naturally in cannabis.

Strains of weed and hash in the experiment

During the experiment you can buy various strains of weed and hash in coffee shops. The government does not impose any requirements with regard to the strains of weed and hash sold during the experiment.

Required information in coffee shops

The government wants coffee shops to be able to give their customers accurate information about using cannabis and the associated risks. Coffee shops are required to have information material available. As a customer you can also scan a QR code on the packaging to access an information leaflet and an animated video about the use of cannabis.

You can also ask staff for advice about using cannabis and information about the associated risks. Coffee shops participating in the Controlled Cannabis Supply Chain Experiment must provide training on this for their staff.