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  1. Fight against organised crime ramped up on all fronts

    Serious crime is increasingly undermining the safety of our society and our open economy. The international drug trade involves ...

    News item | 07-11-2022 | 13:22

  2. Organised crime under scrutiny 2022

    Tackling organised crime requires constant innovation. Confiscating criminals’ money is an alluring prospect: get the money, and ...

    News item | 07-11-2022 | 10:33

  3. Nearly €30 million to tackle drug trafficking via mainports

    Dutch mainports must be made as unattractive as possible for international drug trafficking. Our major logistical hubs – the ...

    News item | 04-11-2022 | 18:30

  4. Phased amendments to the Regulation on reception of displaced persons from Ukraine

    When war broke out in Ukraine, a large number of refugees arrived in the Netherlands virtually overnight. As a result, the ...

    News item | 04-11-2022 | 13:57

  5. Additional measures in response to larger number of expected asylum applications

    The number of applications for asylum is on the rise across Europe. The Netherlands now expects to receive 48,200 applications ...

    News item | 04-11-2022 | 13:47

  6. Adoption possible from six selected countries

    Adopting a child will still be possible from the following countries: the Philippines, Hungary, Lesotho, Taiwan, Thailand and ...

    News item | 02-11-2022 | 12:10

  7. Treaties with UAE boost fight against organised crime

    The international fight against organised crime has received a boost from mutual agreements between the Netherlands and the ...

    News item | 31-10-2022 | 13:39

  8. Higher reimbursement for costs of cleaning up drug waste

    The Dutch government is raising the reimbursement paid to private individuals and government authorities for the costs of ...

    News item | 21-10-2022 | 16:25

  9. Sanctuary for refugees from Ukraine likely to remain necessary for a considerable time

    Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Netherlands has been providing sanctuary to over 80,000 refugees from Ukraine. ...

    News item | 18-10-2022 | 09:00

  10. Change in funding scheme for costs of reception of Ukrainians

    On behalf of the Ministry of Justice and Security, in recent months a review was conducted of the costs incurred by ...

    News item | 14-10-2022 | 17:50