The topics of policy that concern the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment have a direct effect on the lives of many people. That is why the widest possible support base must be created for that policy in society. To this end the Ministry consults closely with several partners.


The partners with whom the Ministry consults nationally are:

Part of the Ministry’s policy is carried out by the municipal governments, the 'UWV WERKbedrijf' (website in Dutch), the Social Insurance Bank and the Social Security Agency UWV. In implementing the Work and Social Assistance Act, the municipalities, for example, are responsible for guiding clients (back) to the labour market. Together with the UWV WERKbedrijf, they perform a vital task for people who would stand little chance on the labour market without extra support, such as the long-term and low-skilled unemployed. The Social Insurance Bank administers the social insurance schemes provided for by, for example, the General Old Age Pensions Act, the Surviving Dependents Act and the General Child Benefit Act. The Social Security Agency UWV is responsible for administering the employee insurance schemes provided for by the Unemployment Benefits Act and the Disability Benefits Act.

  • Occupational safety and health services. Employers are obliged to have a policy on prevention and control of sickness absence and disablement, being part of general health and safety policy. In carrying out such a policy every employer is obliged to obtain assistance form a certified OSH-service. The basic services to be provided by the service are legally prescribed.
  • Reintegration services. Over 650 private labour reintegration services provide support to employers for a more successful work resumption of long term sick employees. The organization representing these services (Borea) developed a voluntary certification system.
  • The International Fraud Information Bureau (IBF, a division of UVW). The IBF is a co-ordination point for the cross-border exchange of fraud information within the field of social security. Do you have a question on benefit fraud with international aspects, or would you like to submit a request for data? Please contact the IBF via email or telephone + 31 (0) 20 752 41 75

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