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St Maarten emergency assistance operation draws to a close

Last Saturday the Royal Netherlands Navy’s biggest vessel, HNLMS Karel Doorman delivered the last emergency aid to St Maarten for ...

News item | 31-10-2017 | 13:11

Emergency housing for St Maarten

Today saw the arrival of temporary housing in St Maarten for people who lost their homes in hurricane Irma. The flat pack homes ...

News item | 23-10-2017 | 10:05

EU funding for transport of aid supplies to St Maarten on HNLMS Karel Doorman

The European Commission has given the Netherlands over €2 million to cover part of the cost of deploying the Royal Netherlands ...

News item | 19-10-2017 | 10:23

The Netherlands and France work together on reconstruction in St Maarten and Saint Martin

The French and Dutch delegates coordinating reconstruction efforts in Saint Martin and St Maarten met in Paris today to ...

News item | 16-10-2017 | 18:20

St Maarten Reconstruction Fund

Following the damage caused by hurricane Irma, the Netherlands is prepared to set up a fund for the reconstruction of St Maarten.

News item | 13-10-2017 | 16:12

Rijkswaterstaat and Koole Mammoet save stranded Beachcomber II

Rijkswaterstaat and Dutch contractor Koole Mammoet succeeded in refloating the Beachcomber II in St Maarten on Monday. Four weeks ...

News item | 10-10-2017 | 12:55

A better picture of the resilience of local authorities to subversive crime

Mayors, aldermen, councillors and municipal officials are often confronted with attempts to exert criminal influence on the ...

News item | 05-10-2017 | 14:52

HNLMS Karel Doorman leaves St Maarten

The Joint Logistic Support Ship of the Royal Netherlands Navy, HNLMS Karel Doorman, has left St Maarten and will carry out other ...

News item | 04-10-2017 | 16:36

Drinking water supply in St Maarten increased by 60,000 litres

The drinking water supply on the island of St Maarten has been increased by 60,000 litres a day. This clean drinking water is ...

News item | 02-10-2017 | 13:02

‘Waste train’ to dispose quickly of rubbish on St Maarten

A ‘waste train’ has been organised on St Maarten to dispose rapidly and effectively of the great accumulation of waste on the ...

News item | 02-10-2017 | 12:31