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Representations: Dominican Republic


Embassy of the Dominican Republic ('s-Gravenhage)


Regional departments

These departments develop coherent, effective policy on the world's regions and countries.

Schiphol Team investigates drugs smuggling in guitar case

The Schiphol Team, a cooperation of the Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary and Customs engaged in combating drugs smuggling, ...

News item | 17-04-2012 | 15:41

Consular support team returns from Haiti

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Rapid Deployment Consular Support Team (SCOT) returned on Sunday from Haiti to the Netherlands. ...

News item | 25-01-2010 | 00:00

Netherlands and Uruguay to co-host global conference on LGBTI issues: ‘Tolerance is not optional’

From 13 to 15 July in Montevideo, the Netherlands and Uruguay will co-host a major international conference on lesbian, gay, ...

News item | 15-06-2016 | 13:32

Koenders: international cooperation in Caribbean after Hurricane Irma

In Tallinn today, foreign minister Bert Koenders discussed the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean with his ...

News item | 07-09-2017 | 00:00

The Netherlands supports logistical operation in Haiti

Development minister Bert Koenders has decided that the €1 million pledged to the United Nations will be used to enhance that ...

News item | 20-01-2010 | 00:00

Ambassadors in the Netherlands (July 2019)

Overview of ambassadors in the Netherlands (July 2019)

Publication | 03-07-2019

Mid-Term Evaluation of the EFA Fast Track Initiative Final Synthesis Report - Volume 3: Appendices I-IV

This document contains annexes to the main report of the ‘Mid-Term Evaluation of the Education for All Fast Track Initiative (EFA ...

Report | 01-02-2010

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