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Representations: Belgium


Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium ('s-Gravenhage)


State Secretary Teeven wants to lease Tilburg prison to Belgium for longer

State Secretary Teeven (Security and Justice) wants to lease the penitentiary institution (PI) in Tilburg to Belgium for one more ...

News item | 27-07-2012 | 11:43

Netherlands and Belgium plan to step up cooperation

In an introductory meeting, Belgium’s new foreign minister Didier Reynders and Dutch foreign minister Uri Rosenthal have agreed ...

News item | 17-01-2012 | 12:44

Belgium and the Netherlands join international contact group on Libya

Belgium and the Netherlands are to have a joint, rotating membership in the international contact group on Libya, by invitation ...

News item | 08-04-2011 | 14:37

The Netherlands and Belgium redraw their border

The Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bert Koenders, and his Belgian counterpart, Didier Reynders, signed a treaty on Monday, 28 ...

News item | 28-11-2016 | 13:30

Government talks between the Netherlands and Belgium

On 4 March 2015 delegates from the Dutch and Belgian governments will meet in The Hague to take part in the Thalassa talks. The ...

News item | 26-02-2015 | 19:43

Belgium and the Netherlands further military cooperation

ministry of defence belgium Admiral Benelux ABNL

News item | 08-03-2012 | 11:44

Netherlands and Belgium sign declaration of intent to cooperate on migration

The Netherlands and Belgium will cooperate more closely and join forces more in the area if immigration and asylum. This is ...

News item | 24-02-2015 | 15:47

Netherlands and Belgium united against terrorism

Following the Thalassa talks between the Dutch and Belgian governments, the two countries are further increasing cooperation in ...

News item | 04-03-2015 | 15:47