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The Netherlands leads NATO flotilla

Commodore Michiel Hijmans took over command of Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2) from British Commodore Steve Chick in the ...

News item | 07-07-2010 | 15:56

Dutchman appointed director of Middle East water institute

Ronald Mollinger of the Netherlands has been appointed director of the Middle East Desalination Research Centre (MEDRC) in Oman, ...

News item | 17-12-2008 | 09:39

Ms Van Veldhoven aims to stop the export of plastic waste by western countries

State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven (Infrastructure and Water Management) wants European and other western countries to stop ...

News item | 17-06-2019 | 14:28

UN Climate Summit: wide support for new climate centre set up in the Netherlands

At the international climate summit in Bonn, Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Management) called for ...

News item | 14-11-2017 | 15:30

Joint statement on whaling and safety at sea

Media article | 12-01-2016

Foreign investments in the Netherlands bring in 4,300 jobs

More than 4,300 jobs, 1.47 billion Euros in investment pledges, and 41 international headquarters, especially in the city of ...

News item | 09-02-2012 | 08:22

She Decides conference in Brussels attracts great interest

More than 40 countries have said they will attend the She Decides conference in Brussels on Thursday. The conference will focus ...

News item | 27-02-2017 | 16:15

Countries call for responsible behaviour in Southern Ocean whaling

After a one-year interruption Japanese ships are resuming scientific whaling in the Southern Ocean. In a joint statement ...

News item | 12-01-2016 | 00:00

Minister Timmermans opens first ministerial meeting on LGBT rights at the UN

Today, in the margins of the UN General Assembly, foreign minister Frans Timmermans opened a ministerial meeting on equal rights ...

News item | 30-09-2013 | 10:11

UN must be allowed to investigate possible use of chemical weapons in Syria

The Netherlands has given its full support to the UN's plan to investigate the possible use of chemical weapons in Syria. ‘The ...

News item | 08-04-2013 | 00:00