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Navy on the hunt for contraband in the Caribbean

Twelve countries, including the Royal Netherlands Navy as a representative of the Netherlands, are currently combating drugs ...

News item | 22-02-2012 | 10:06

New focus on Latin America

‘Latin America is and will continue to be important to the Kingdom. We are building on the close ties that already exist.’ This ...

News item | 21-11-2011 | 16:44

Economic opportunities in the Caribbean

In a policy memorandum sent to the House of Representatives today, the government says that it is taking a fresh look at the ...

News item | 26-08-2011 | 14:55

Negotiations tax treaties in 2010

The Netherlands is continuously negotiating with other countries about new tax treaties. In the second semester of 2010, the ...

News item | 01-07-2010 | 15:08

Curriculum Vitae of Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (German)

Publication | 06-11-2017

Curriculum Vitae of Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (French)

Publication | 06-11-2017

Timmermans discusses foreign policy with St Maarten

Foreign minister Frans Timmermans has held talks today in St Maarten with its governor, Mr Eugene Holiday, and prime minister, ...

News item | 05-06-2014 | 11:01

Government to continue sending expert water teams worldwide

Ploumen, Schultz van Hagen, water, aid, trade

News item | 30-09-2017 | 18:00

100th economic mission: it’s not just about trade

Today, trade and development minister Lilianne Ploumen set off for the German states of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia on ...

News item | 08-02-2017 | 09:30

More agricultural products sold throughout the world; exports increase to more than 82 billion euros

In 2015, the Netherlands again exceeded the previous year’s exports of agricultural products. Total exports in 2015 amounted to ...

News item | 15-01-2016 | 09:00