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Conflicts environments and coverage

In this report, the authors assess the cases of Turkey and Tunisia to better understand the influence of context on reporting. In ...

Report | 01-01-2018

Pride and prejudice - Addressing bias in the analysis of political violence

This report discusses eight common biases at the information gathering and analysis stages, from a lack of knowledge on how much ...

Report | 01-01-2018

Coupling or Decoupling? Spillover in the multi-order

This report uses developments in the counter-terrorism and nuclear regimes to assess how both have affected other issue-areas.

Report | 01-01-2018

Of flour, yeast and water - A recipe for (Syrian) conflict data

Reliable data is essential for conflict analysis but bias plague the collection and analysis of information. Therefore, a ...

Report | 01-01-2018

International arms flows: monitoring, sources and obstacles

This report provides an overview of the most important initiatives and methods to monitor arms flows and discusses their validity ...

Report | 01-01-2018

Speech Minister of Foreign Affairs on the occasion of the start of the Netherlands’ term on the UN Security Council

UN, Security Council, Zijlstra, Peace Palace

Speech | 22-12-2017

Working protocol for processing applications for permission to study certain academic subjects

Individuals (for example MSc students, PhD candidates, and promovendi) seeking to study or conduct research in one or more ...

Leaflet | 18-12-2017

Zijlstra and Guterres discuss Netherlands’ membership of Security Council

Netherlands' membership of Security Council

News item | 16-12-2017 | 00:00

Support for Jordan and Lebanon

Jordan, Lebanon, Kaag, support, Syria, refugees

News item | 25-11-2017 | 11:00

Monthly Alert - New Security Threats and Opportunities - The Dark Side of the Security Coin

monthly alert, security threats

Report | 21-11-2017