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Syria in 2019: four scenarios Implications for policy planning

When Syria is fragmented and marked by high levels of violence and oppression, possibilities for the international community are ...

Report | 01-11-2017

Koenders calls for unhindered investigation into human rights violations in Syria

On Monday foreign minister Bert Koenders addressed the Human Rights Council in Geneva. In his speech he argued that a political ...

News item | 29-02-2016 | 00:00

Pledging statement by Minister Ploumen at the donor conference Supporting Syria and the Region 2016

Donor conference 'Supporting Syria and the Region 2016', London.

Speech | 04-02-2016

Syria - individuals and entities comparison chart 2

Syria-related Designations - Entities

Leaflet | 10-12-2012

The Netherlands takes a critical stance in Syria Support Group

Today, at a session of the International Syria Support Group (ISSG) in Geneva, the Netherlands and several like-minded partners ...

News item | 05-08-2016 | 16:36

Over 60 countries step up sanctions against Syria

Diplomats from over 60 countries are meeting in The Hague to tighten the sanctions against the Syrian regime and improve their ...

News item | 20-09-2012 | 12:48

Extra support for demining in Syria

The Netherlands is setting aside additional funds for demining projects in parts of Syria that have been retaken from ISIS. These ...

News item | 05-04-2017 | 17:53

Substantial aid package for victims of conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen

The humanitarian crises in Syria, Iraq and Yemen have reached unprecedented proportions, with more than 45 million people now ...

News item | 28-08-2015 | 20:34

Syria - individuals and entities comparison chart

Syria-related Designations - Persons

Leaflet | 10-12-2012

Syria: international sanctions authorities

International Sanctions Authorities

Leaflet | 10-12-2012