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Koenders underlines common security interests after Johnson visit

Foreign minister Bert Koenders and his British counterpart Boris Johnson met on Friday in Arnhem to discuss the security ...

News item | 16-09-2016 | 00:00


The international community can use sanctions to change the behaviour of a country or regime, in cases where that country or ...

Joint Statement on the Situation in Aleppo

Over the past few days the forces of the Assad regime - heavily reliant on Hezbollah fighters, Russia and Iran - have launched a ...

Media article | 01-12-2016

Rosenthal: Syrian regime faces growing difficulties

The Syrian regime faces growing difficulties, foreign minister Uri Rosenthal said today in Istanbul after a meeting with his ...

News item | 07-09-2012 | 15:01

Rosenthal talks to Syrian opposition

Minister of Foreign Affairs Uri Rosenthal had talks on Thursday with members of the Syrian opposition in the Netherlands. The ...

News item | 09-03-2012 | 13:48

Koenders: urges international community to expedite and fund Syrian evidence database

Syria, evidence database

News item | 12-03-2017 | 12:00

Forced to flee a war-torn country, determined to return and help

Heba Alibrahim, daughter of a doctor, was forced to flee the Syrian war at 15. Now, seven years later, she is studying psychology ...

Curriculum Vitae Sigrid Kaag

Curriculum Vitae of Sigrid Kaag, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation.

Refugees in the Netherlands

Since the summer of 2015 the number of refugees entering the European Union (EU) has doubled. EU member states are calling for ...

Women, Peace and Security Grant

Dutch civil society organizations can apply for a grant to support their work on women, peace and security.