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  1. Adoption possible from six selected countries

    Adopting a child will still be possible from the following countries: the Philippines, Hungary, Lesotho, Taiwan, Thailand and ...

    News item | 02-11-2022 | 12:10

  2. Minister Dekker relaunches inquiry into domestic adoptions

    The current inquiry into domestic adoptions in the Netherlands between 1956 and 1984 will be discontinued. The inquiry into the ...

    News item | 09-11-2021 | 12:33

  3. Dekker: There will always be a risk of wrongdoing with intercountry adoption

    In February, the Joustra committee concluded that, for years, the Netherlands had not acted forcefully enough against wrongdoing ...

    News item | 04-06-2021 | 16:36

  4. Minister Dekker suspends intercountry adoption with immediate effect

    The Dutch government failed to observe its duty of care for many years by looking the other way and failing to take action in ...

    News item | 08-02-2021 | 10:14