How much does adoption cost?

When adopting a Dutch child you pay the cost of a lawyer and the court fees. When adopting a child from abroad you pay the costs of the adoption procedure.

Cost of adopting a Dutch child

The adoption procedure for a Dutch child takes place via the courts. This costs money. You will have to pay the cost of a lawyer and court fees. Other costs include fees for an extract from the register of births and any medical expenses.

Depending on your income the government may pay part of the cost of legal aid, but you must then pay a contribution yourself too. The amount depends on your income and assets.

Cost of adopting a child from abroad

When adopting a child from abroad you must pay for the compulsory information meetings organised by the Foundation Adoption Services. You will also have to pay mediation fees. These fees vary depending on the child’s country of origin and the licence holder you choose. For more information about mediation fees, contact the licence holders. You may also have to pay for the foreign adoption to be converted into an adoption under Dutch law.