What is the licence holder’s task during the adoption procedure of a child from abroad?

A licence holder acts as intermediary in the adoption procedure. Licence holders are organisations that have been licensed by the Minister of Justice and  Security to act as mediators.

Partial mediation in the adoption of a foreign child

You may also opt for partial mediation in the foreign adoption procedure. The country in question must agree to this. In the case of partial mediation you lay the basis for the adoption through your own contacts in the country. If you opt for partial mediation, the procedure is still conducted through a licence holder.

Complaints about licence holders in an intercountry adoption procedure

If you are not satisfied about a licence holder’s conduct, you can complain to the complaints committee (KVIA).

You may for example have a complaint about the lack of assistance abroad or about a licence holder not honouring agreements.

Contact licence holders

Licence holders have been granted a licence by the Ministry of Security and Justice to mediate when people adopt children from abroad (known as ‘intercountry adoptions’). Contact details for all licence holders can be found on the website from the Foundation Adoption Services. The countries each licence holder mediates in are also listed.