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  1. Country of Origin Report on Eritrea February 2017

    This Dutch COI report describes the current situation in Eritrea insofar as it is relevant to the assessment of asylum ...

    Report | 06-02-2017

  2. What does the Dublin Regulation mean for asylum seekers in the Netherlands?

    The country through which the asylum seeker first entered Europe is responsible for processing their asylum application. This is ...

    Question and answer

  3. How long do asylum seekers stay in an asylum seekers' centre (AZC)?

    How long an asylum seeker stays in an AZC will depend on their status.

    Question and answer

  4. What can asylum seekers expect in the Netherlands?

    If an asylum seeker wants to apply for asylum in the Netherlands, they must go to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service ...

    Question and answer

  5. What happens to failed asylum seekers?

    Failed asylum seekers must leave the Netherlands. They are given 28 days to do so. During this period they still receive money ...

    Question and answer

  6. What is the government’s policy on child brides and forced marriages?

    The Netherlands does not recognise child marriages. If a married asylum seeker turns out to be under the age of 18, they are ...

    Question and answer

  7. Can the families of asylum seekers come to the Netherlands?

    Once an asylum seeker has a residence permit, their spouse or registered partner and their children can come to the Netherlands. ...

    Question and answer

  8. What types of document for aliens are there in the Netherlands?

    The Netherlands issues various types of documents to aliens, such as a residence permit (for a stay of over 90 days), an alien’s ...

    Question and answer

  9. When is someone granted asylum in the Netherlands?

    People are granted asylum in the Netherlands if they are refugees. A refugee is someone who has reason to fear persecution in ...

    Question and answer

  10. What is the list of safe countries of origin?

    Some asylum seekers who come to the Netherlands are from safe countries of origin. To process asylum applications faster, the ...

    Question and answer