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Notorious troublemakers given area restriction order to reception centre during New Year

Trouble in and around the COA (Central Reception Organisation for Asylum Seekers) reception centres is unacceptable. For that ...

News item | 13-12-2016 | 14:50

Nuisance-causing asylum seekers quickly rejected and deported

Asylum seekers who have no prospect of receiving asylum must be picked up, rejected, detained and deported out the country. State ...

News item | 17-11-2016 | 11:42

Minister for Migration further expands list of safe countries

Minister for Migration Dijkhoff has added Algeria, Georgia, the Ukraine and Tunisia to the list of safe countries. He wrote this ...

News item | 11-10-2016 | 09:00

Online overview of incidents at and around COA centres

State Secretary Dijkhoff (Security and Justice) today sent the overview of all incidents at and around asylum seeker reception ...

News item | 03-10-2016 | 16:23

New target for municipalities to accommodate residence permit holders

In the first half of 2017, municipalities will have to arrange accommodation for 13,000 residence permit holders. This was ...

News item | 29-09-2016 | 12:03

Easier transfer of employees within EU countries for multinational firms

Following a proposal by Minister for Migration, Dijkhoff, the Council of Ministers has agreed to make it easier for multinational ...

News item | 17-06-2016 | 16:09

Asylum residence permits revoked or refused also in case of suspended sentences or community service orders

Minister for Migration Dijkhoff is further tightening the policy concerning the revocation or refusal of an asylum residence ...

News item | 02-06-2016 | 11:39

500 Albanians repatriated in 2016

Thirty Albanian nationals were today deported on a state flight to their country of origin. The people concerned are foreign ...

News item | 20-05-2016 | 11:14

Security and Justice Inspectorate: “Improving the process of identifying asylum seekers”

During recent months the process of identifying asylum seekers did not take place meticulously. This is apparent from an ...

News item | 18-05-2016 | 15:32

Minister Dijkhoff speaks to Greek colleagues about EU-Turkey agreements

Today Minister Dijkhoff is visiting Greece to discuss progress on implementation of the EU-Turkey agreements. He will meet Greek ...

News item | 26-04-2016 | 17:48