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Dutch Minister of Migration to add to list of safe countries of origin

Dutch Minister of Migration, Mr Dijkhoff, has informed the Dutch Lower House today by letter that he is adding Ghana, India, ...

News item | 09-02-2016 | 15:57

Rejected Albanians returned quicker

From now on, illegal Albanians can also be deported in groups with government flights. This has been agreed upon by the ...

News item | 29-01-2016 | 09:00

Expanded options for housing asylum seekers with a residence permit

Housing associations will temporarily be allowed to house asylum seekers who hold a residence permit in buildings that they do ...

News item | 18-12-2015 | 16:24

Government takes long-term measures to deal with increased refugee influx

A more targeted approach by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) faster rejection of asylum applications that are ...

News item | 27-11-2015 | 17:53

Government: staying means participating

Refugees with a residence permit must start participating in Dutch society as soon as possible. Learning the Dutch language and ...

News item | 27-11-2015 | 17:38

Autumn Memorandum 2015: additional funding to deal with influx of asylum seekers

The Dutch government's 2015 Autumn Memorandum on the current budget year reveals that the government expects 58,000 asylum ...

News item | 27-11-2015 | 16:15

State Secretary Dijkhoff toughens policy on revoking or refusing asylum

Granting asylum to someone who committed serious offences is unacceptable." This was announced today by the State Secretary of ...

News item | 25-11-2015 | 15:17

Asylum influx stable, but high

During the week from Monday 16 to Sunday 22 November, around 1700 asylum seekers came to the Netherlands, just as the week ...

News item | 23-11-2015 | 15:11

Influx of asylum seekers last week 1700

In the past week -- from Monday 9 to Sunday 15 November -- approximately 1700 asylum seekers came to Netherlands. In the first ...

News item | 16-11-2015 | 14:08

Van der Steur and Dijkhoff meet Euro Commissioner Avramopoulos

Ministers Van der Steur and Dijkhoff and Commissioner Avramopoulos met in The Hague today to discuss the upcoming shared ...

News item | 05-11-2015 | 16:12