Aviation is of great significance to the Netherlands. Airports directly and indirectly stimulate regional economies as well as the national economy. Schiphol, near Amsterdam, is one of Europe’s largest airports. It connects the Netherlands to the global economy and is a major tourist hub.

Together with the aviation sector, the cabinet has drawn up an aviation policy that consists of three pillars: competing, accommodating and excelling. The aim of the White Paper on Aviation is the further development of network quality in combination with realising a competitive and sustainable aviation sector.

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In the years to come the demand for air traffic will increase further, and the maximum number of aircraft movements allowed at AAS will be reached. Because of the importance of (inter)continental connections at AAS for the benefit to the Dutch economy, the scarce capacity at AAS has to be used by intercontinental traffic and feeder traffic. A traffic distribution rule between AAS and LA will make it possible to realise this goal (selectivity policy).

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is giving all parties concerned the opportunity to reflect on this rule. You may submit your response up to and including 6 December 2017.