Safe cycling

Cyclists are vulnerable. Every year, some 190 cyclists die in road accidents, while at least another 9,000 are hospitalised. That is why the government wants to improve their visibility and the safety of roads and bicycle paths.

Central government is:

  • developing tools that road authorities can use to make roads and cycleways safer for cyclists;
  • launching public awareness campaigns on avoiding distractions while cycling and using bicycle lights. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is running these campaigns together with local authorities, NGOs and the industry;
  • promoting innovations such as the development of a bicycle rear view assistant.
Enlarge image Speed pedelec
Speed pedelec

Speed pedelecs

A speed pedelec (or high-speed e-bike) is an electric bicycle with a maximum speed of 45 km/h. Due to the speeds they can reach, speed pedelecs are subject to the same regulations as mopeds. This means that a speed pedelec must be fitted with a moped registration plate in order to be able to use public roads, and the rider must have a moped driving licence.

The following speed limits apply to speed pedelecs:

  • on carriageways: 45 km/h;
  • on combined bicycle/moped paths outside built-up areas: 40 km/h;
  • on combined bicycle/moped tracks in built-up areas: 30 km/h.