I hold dual nationality (British and Dutch). How will Brexit affect me?

As you hold Dutch nationality, Brexit will have no impact on your right to live in the Netherlands. Please note: as an adult, you will automatically lose your Dutch nationality if you live outside the European Union for an uninterrupted period of 10 years and hold an additional nationality besides Dutch. If your children are minors, and their other parent is not a Dutch national, they will lose their Dutch nationality at the same time you do.

If you hold British and Dutch nationality, the 10-year period will begin on the date of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, regardless of whether it leaves with or without a deal.

Make sure you don’t lose your Dutch nationality

In order to keep your Dutch nationality, make sure you apply for a new Dutch passport or identity card in time. You can also choose to apply for a Dutch nationality certificate but again, make sure you apply for a new one in time. Then you will not lose your Dutch nationality. A new 10-year period will begin on the date your certificate is issued.

The period will be interrupted if you live in the Kingdom of the Netherlands or another member state of the European Union for at least one year.

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