I hold dual nationality (Dutch and a different one). How will Brexit affect me?

As long as you have Dutch nationality, you can live in the Netherlands.

Losing your Dutch nationality

If you are an adult, you will lose your Dutch nationality if you:

  • live outside the EU for an uninterrupted period of 10 years after your 18th birthday (since Brexit, the UK is outside the EU); and
  • hold another nationality besides Dutch nationality during that 10-year period; and
  • do not apply for and receive a new Dutch passport, Dutch identity card or Dutch nationality certificate during that 10-year period.

If you lose your Dutch nationality, any of your children who are minors will lose their Dutch nationality at the same time. However, your minor children will not lose their Dutch nationality if their other parent still holds Dutch nationality (or is deceased and held Dutch nationality when they died) or if one of the other exceptions in this brochure applies.

Exceptional situations in which you will not lose your Dutch nationality

There are exceptions to the general rule. If these apply, you will not lose your Dutch nationality. Read about these exceptions here.

Avoid losing your Dutch nationality

You can avoid losing your Dutch nationality by doing one of the following within the 10-year period:

  • making sure you always hold a valid Dutch passport or Dutch identity card; or
  • making sure you always hold a valid Dutch nationality certificate.

A new 10-year period will begin on the date a new passport, identity card or certificate is issued. If you live in the Kingdom of the Netherlands or another EU member state for at least one year, the 10-year period will be interrupted. A new 10-year period will then begin if you go to live outside the EU again.