Reliable institutions and actors

Good, reliable institutions and actors that provide efficient services are important for a good business climate. The Netherlands helps public authorities in developing countries to build such institutions. Dutch organisations share their expertise with counterparts in developing countries through peer-to-peer collaboration. Public-private partnership is the cornerstone of our policy on private sector development.

Between 2010 and 2014 the number of Dutch partners involved in water supply projects in developing countries increased from 16 to 138, 45 of which are private companies. This spectacular rise is largely due to Dutch policy which focuses actively on partnership between the public and private sectors. The connection between the various parties allows knowledge and technology to be shared – and applied locally – very quickly.


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Image: Agriterra

Thanks in part to the support of Agriterra, 5,000 members of a dairy cooperative in southern Bandung (Indonesia) have increased their average milk production by almost 50%. Improvements were made to the animals’ diet and housing, veterinary health, breeding, milking practices and milk processing. The quality of the milk has also improved, so that Dutch dairy company Friesche Vlag (a subsidiary of Friesland Campina) is now paying the farmers a higher price for their milk. Agriterra has similarly supported the development of Evergrowth dairy cooperative in Vietnam.

Factsheet Reliable institutions and actors

The Netherlands supports various activities to develop reliable institutions and actors in developing countries, for example by supporting peer-to-peer collaboration and promoting public-private partnerships.
For more information download our complete factsheet: Working together for a better business climate - Reliable institutions and actors.

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