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  1. Safety arrangements for children in the Caribbean Netherlands improved

    The safety of children is always paramount, especially within a family. This should always be absolutely clear, both in the ...

    News item | 31-03-2021 | 09:11

  2. Ministries and VNG set out scenario for the future of child and family protection

    As far as the Ministries of Justice and Security and of Health, Welfare and Sport and the Association of Netherlands ...

    News item | 30-03-2021 | 09:05

  3. Obligation for ICT firms to remove child pornography from servers

    ICT firms in the Netherlands could soon be obliged to remove all online child pornography from their servers and an independent ...

    News item | 16-02-2021 | 09:18

  4. Possession of paedophiles' charter to become punishable by up to four years' imprisonment

    The dissemination, acquisition and possession of instruction manuals containing tips and tricks for sexually abusing children ...

    News item | 23-07-2020 | 12:07

  5. Ultimatum for ICT companies that are malicious and negligent in combating online child sexual abuse

    Online child sexual abuse must be eradicated. Together with the ICT sector, the Netherlands is working on a tough approach to ...

    News item | 09-06-2020 | 17:48