Stopping child abuse and minimising the harm to the child

When it comes to child abuse, the main objective is to stop it from happening in the first place. When abuse does occur, it needs to be identified at an early stage, so that it can be stopped and the harm to the child can be minimised.

The ‘Signs of Safety’ method

Professionals can use the Signs of Safety method for families in which child abuse occurs. Together, the social worker and the family draw up a safety plan for the child. The government is financing a research programme entitled Effective working methods in the youth sector to find out if this method works.

Child protection

If a child’s development is in jeopardy and the parent or parents are not open to assistance, then child protection services may need to get involved. The court may impose child protection measures in order to stop child abuse. 

Child abuse is a criminal offence

The court may impose treatment on the offender in order to prevent repeat abuse. Central government agencies are working with the police, the Public Prosecution Service and other parties to improve the investigation and prosecution of offenders.

Temporary domestic exclusion order for perpetrators of domestic violence

The mayor can impose a temporary domestic exclusion order on perpetrators of domestic violence, barring them from entering their homes for at least 10 days. During this time, assistance can be arranged.

Support for victims of child abuse

The Youth Care Office provides support to victims of child abuse and their parents at their request. Different therapies and interventions are available.