The Netherlands submits Adaptation Communication ahead of COP26

As announced during the Adaptation Action Coalition event, by Ms. Barbara Visser, the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Netherlands submits its first Adaptation Communication ahead of the Global Climate Governance in Glasgow, COP26. The Netherlands answers the call of the incoming COP26 President, the UK as well as the G20 leaders and the European Union and submits ahead of COP26 a so-called Adaptation Communication. This submission provides an overview of the Netherlands domestic and international efforts on adaptation. It demonstrates that adaptation and resilience are a top priority for the Netherlands, towards COP26 and beyond. Following on this Adaptation Communication, the Netherlands will update its National Communication to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) in 2022 including an extensive part on adaptation. Following the earlier announcement of the Netherlands committing to over 50 percent of its public climate finance towards adaptation, this Adaptation Communication demonstrates the importance of being transparent about adaptation efforts and the importance of an integral approach to further accelerate both domestic and international adaptation action.