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  1. Five northern European countries conclude international arrangements on transport and storage of carbon across borders

    A European infrastructure for carbon capture and storage is underway. Today, arrangements between Denmark, Norway, Belgium, the ...

    News item | 15-04-2024 | 18:00

  2. Group of European countries aim to decarbonize their electricity system by 2035

    Today, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg, The Netherlands and Switzerland announce a joint ambition to decarbonize ...

    News item | 18-12-2023 | 19:45

  3. COP28: Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Finland, the federal government of Belgium and Austria propose framework to prevent greenwashing and restore integrity in voluntary carbon markets

    Effective and trustworthy voluntary carbon markets can play a role in supporting faster and more ambitious climate action. They ...

    News item | 10-12-2023 | 12:15

  4. COP28: Netherlands launches international coalition to phase out fossil fuel subsidies

    During the UN Climate Conference in Dubai (COP28), the Netherlands launched an international coalition to phase out fossil fuel ...

    News item | 09-12-2023 | 12:25

  5. Caribbean region and the Netherlands to join forces to deal more effectively with climate change

    The Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, Mark Harbers, has invited the countries of the Caribbean region to take part ...

    News item | 13-12-2022 | 22:00

  6. Ed Nijpels appointed as climate table quartermaster Bonaire

    Climate change has global effects, but certainly in the Caribbean Netherlands the impact of climate change is large and directly ...

    News item | 23-11-2022 | 14:02

  7. COP27: United States and Ukraine become signatories to agreement to increase numbers of zero-emission heavy road transport vehicles

    Ten more countries have given their support to a Dutch initiative for cleaner heavy road transport vehicles like buses and ...

    News item | 17-11-2022 | 17:00

  8. Dutch COP initiative for more cycling worldwide

    The Netherlands hopes to see 10,000 cycling experts trained and deployed in countries worldwide over the next decade. This will ...

    News item | 17-11-2022 | 08:30

  9. Ministers for quality adaptation finance under the spotlight at COP27

    Announcements on adaptation finance at the COP27. A joint push by the Champions Group on Adaptation Finance and climate ...

    News item | 12-11-2022 | 18:12

  10. The Netherlands takes a new step in greening export credit insurances

    From 1 January 2023, businesses and banks will no longer be eligible for export credit insurance for new projects in the fossil ...

    News item | 03-11-2022 | 15:35