Orders in the F-35 programme (JSF)

The Netherlands took part in the development of the F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter, JSF) and is now engaged in the aircraft’s production and sustainment phases. 

€ 800 million for participation in F-35 development

To participate in the F-35’s development, the Dutch government paid € 800 million to the US government. It was agreed that Dutch industry would in turn pay the government € 105 million in recognition of the programme’s importance to it. The government and the companies made agreements about this in the F-35 Cofinancing Agreement.

Participating in the development of the F-35 provides opportunities for contracts

Dutch suppliers were able to tender for contracts for the development of this fighter aircraft. They now have the opportunity to be awarded contracts for the aircraft’s series production and in future may also be awarded contracts to sustain (maintain and repair) the aircraft.

Dutch position in the aircraft industry

Dutch suppliers have already been awarded contracts worth more than € 1 billion. This strengthens the Netherlands’ position in the international aircraft industry.

Companies contribute to the F-35

Companies must pay the state 2% of the annual turnover they earn from the F-35 contracts they are awarded. Eighty-three Dutch companies and institutions are now participating in the programme.

Information on the F-35 programme

For more information on the F-35 programme and the F-35 Cofinancing Agreement, please contact Jan van Kooten at j.p.c.vankooten@minez.nl.