How does the Ministry of Defence purchase materiel?

The Ministry of Defence purchases a great deal of materiel and services. It does so by means of contract award procedures. There are 3 types of procedure. You can find new award procedures on TenderNed and elsewhere.

Requirements for companies submitting tenders to the Ministry of Defence

Your company’s eligibility to tender depends on the requirements set by the Ministry of Defence. The requirements are stated in the tender documents.

Types of contract award procedure used by the Ministry of Defence

Award procedure Characteristics

Award procedure under the Defence and Security Procurement Act (WADV; in Dutch).

  • Similar to an open award procedure. All companies (both Dutch and foreign) can submit tenders.
  • Tender notices can be found on TED Tender European Daily.
  • The Ministry of Defence can stipulate in a tender notice that 30% of a particular procurement must be international. Dutch companies can therefore also tender for contracts.

Award procedure under the EU exemption (article 346 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union).

  • Applies to the procurement of military materiel.
  • If you, as a foreign supplier, are awarded a contract, you may be required to place offset orders with Dutch manufacturers (industrial participation).

Award procedure under the Public Procurement Act (in Dutch).

  • Applies to civilian goods.
  • General public procurement rules apply.
  • Tender notices can be found on TenderNed.