What is a Declaration of Performance for construction products?

A Declaration of Performance (DoP) describes the construction product’s characteristics, such as the extent to which it is airtight or fire resistant. Most construction products on the European market are required to have a DoP. This allows a builder or architect to compare different products and decide which one is most suitable for their particular project.

A Declaration of Performance provides assurance

A DoP provides assurance of how the product will perform under defined conditions. Within Europe, for instance, there are large variations in climate. In some areas buildings need to be able to withstand extreme heat; in others extreme cold. The risk of natural disasters like earthquakes and floods also differs across regions. The European performance standards take these differences into account.

The CE-marking and DoP help buyers choose the products they need.

Model Declaration of Performance

You can find a model Declaration of Performance (in Dutch) on EUR-Lex, website of the EU. You will find information (in Dutch) about the contents of a DoP at the Dutch contact point for construction products (Contactpunt Bouwproducten).

Performance assessment

Manufacturers are responsible for factory production controls, and for testing and assessing the construction product’s performance. These tasks can also be carried out by an independent party, depending on the risks associated with the product (e.g. fire safety).

Brochure on CE-marking for construction products

The government has published a brochure on CE-marking for construction products (in Dutch) that provides more information on:

  • CE-marking and the Declaration of Performance;
  • the Construction Products Regulation;
  • essential characteristics and the European Harmonised Standards;
  • division of responsibility between manufacturers and distributors of construction products;
  • hazardous substances in construction products;
  • supervision and control with regard to CE-marking.

The brochure also contains FAQs for manufacturers, importers/distributors and end users.

Importer and distributor responsibility for construction products

Importers and distributors must ensure that the product’s characteristics match the DoP. The product should in no way be altered during storage and transport. If that happens, the importer or distributor must restore the product to its original state. They must also inform the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate of what has happened.

Receiving a Declaration of Performance for a construction product

Manufacturers or suppliers must provide a DoP when they market a construction product. Buyers can receive the DoP in a number of ways:

  • as an email attachment;
  • as a paper document accompanying the product;
  • as a digital document that can be downloaded from a website.

All products must be labelled with a unique identification code. Buyers can use the code to obtain the correct Declaration of Performance through their supplier.