What cannabis products can coffee shops offer during the Controlled Cannabis Supply Chain Experiment?

During the experiment coffee shops can offer cannabis from designated growers only. This includes weed, hash, prerolled joints and edibles (for example, space cake). The 10 designated growers can make agreements with the coffee shops about the products they offer. In this way, the growers can ensure that the products they supply correspond to what the coffee shops and consumers want.

Only joints prerolled by growers

Coffee shops that participate in the experiment are allowed to sell prerolled joints. These joints are prepackaged by the grower and delivered in the required packaging. Coffee shops are no longer permitted to roll joints themselves.

Only edibles made by growers

Coffee shops are allowed to sell edible cannabis products, such as space cake, only if it has been made with ‘raw’ cannabis. The use of concentrates is prohibited. During the experiment all edibles must be made and packaged by the growers. Coffee shops are not allowed to sell edibles that have been made with cannabis extracts.