Selection process for growers

In July 2020, growers could submit an application to participate in the Controlled Cannabis Supply Chain Experiment. There is scope for 10 growers to participate in the experiment. After the growers submitted their applications, the selection procedure began.

Selection procedure

The selection procedure consisted of the following steps:

  • Procedural assessment
    The ministries verified whether the applications were submitted in a correct and timely manner and whether they were complete.
  • Material assessment
    The ministries checked the content of the documents submitted and whether they met the criteria set out in the legislation.
  • Recommendation
    The mayors of the municipalities where applicant growers said they wanted to establish their cultivation sites issued recommendations.
  • Lottery selection
    A lottery selection took place on 3 December 2020 because more than 10 applicants received a positive assessment.

Designation of growers

All applicants that received a positive assessment participated in the lottery selection on 3 December 2020, which was carried out by a notary. Applicants that were not selected were put on a waiting list.

Those that were selected then underwent a probity screening in accordance with the Public Administration (Probity Screening) Act (BIBOB). This is an integrity investigation into the background of the applicant and their business.

Ten growers that met all the requirements were then designated to take part in the experiment.

Progress on the selection procedure

The experiment is starting later than initially anticipated. Because of the care taken in designating growers, including in carrying out the probity screenings, the selection procedure has taken longer than expected. In addition, the growers selected need more time to prepare for the experiment.

Waiting list

Applicants that participated in the lottery selection but were not chosen have been put on a waiting list. There is scope for a maximum of 10 growers in the experiment.