Getting vaccinated against COVID-19: get the facts

Only you can decide whether you want to get vaccinated against COVID-19. It’s important that you base your decision on accurate information, so consult a range of sources to get the facts. 

Invitation to get vaccinated

Everyone who lives in the Netherlands has received an invitation to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Maybe you still have doubts. You may have questions or concerns, for example about whether the vaccines are safe and how well they work.

Fact or fiction??

Lots of people see information about COVID-19 vaccines on websites or social media. Information travels fast and not everyone has time to check if what they are reading or hearing is correct. Not all the information being shared about vaccinations is true. Some of it is speculation or just someone’s opinion, even if it sounds convincing.

Frequently asked questions about vaccination against COVID-19

Below are a number of questions people have about vaccination against COVID-19, along with answers provided by experts.