Help for people with Post COVID condition

Talk to your doctor if you’re experiencing a lot of problems with your health in the months after having had COVID-19. The doctor will talk to you about the possibility of getting extra medical tests or care. If you have experienced health problems for more than 3 months, you may have Post COVID condition. 

Getting help if you have Post COVID condition

Various organisations offer help to people suffering from Post COVID condition. You can contact the organisation that offers the help that best meets your needs.

  • C-support: this aftercare organisation supports and advises individual patients. It also offers guidance on dealing with physical or mental health problems or problems relating to work and income.
  • PostCovid NL: a patient organisation that gives advice on the recovery process and that enables sufferers to share their experiences and get in touch with each other.
  • Longcovidnederland: a patient advocacy group where sufferers can support each other and share their experiences. The group also shares scientific knowledge about Post COVID condition. It is part of Long COVID Europe

Lived experience

The symptoms and impact of Post COVID condition are different for each person. On the C-support and PostCovid NL websites, patients share their stories and how the prolonged health problems have affected their lives (in Dutch).