Dutch measures against coronavirus

The Netherlands’ approach is aimed at keeping the virus under control as much as possible in order to protect vulnerable groups and make sure the healthcare system can cope. Thanks to people complying with the measures, the numbers show a positive trend. However, it is vital that we stay in control of the virus.

​​​​​​​Tracking the spread of the virus

People must stay 1.5 metres away from others and continue to follow the other basic rules. Doing this can prevent the virus from spreading in most cases. Expanded testing capacity and in-depth source and contact tracing will also help us stay in control. Anyone who has symptoms should get tested. If they test positive, source and contact tracing will be carried out. This will allow us to track the spread of the virus more efficiently. As a result, we can take targeted action when flare-ups occur and prevent the virus spreading further.

Keeping our distance means more freedom

As a result of people staying 1.5 metres apart and respecting the other basic rules, it is now possible to play sports again, go out to eat and even attend events. However, it is important to realise that things won’t be like they were before. In many situations, restrictions are in place to ensure that people can follow the 1.5 metre rule and to ensure that sources and contacts can be traced if necessary.

The rules are now being made more general so that they can be applied in a wide range of contexts. The main distinction is between the rules that apply outside and the rules that apply inside. The aim of this is to make things clearer for everyone. It makes life easier for businesses and also helps sectors and officials enforce regulations. In many cases, it is up to sectors to decide how they can best follow the general rules.

Government working together with organisations and businesses

The basic rules, such as avoiding busy places and staying 1.5 metres apart, apply to everyone. These rules also apply in shopping streets, parks and recreation areas. To ensure everyone can follow these rules, the government is working together with businesses and organisations, including employers’ federations,  trade unions, sector associations and Dutch rail company NS. Every business is different.
For smaller shops and restaurants the 1.5 metre rule means they can admit fewer people. Other businesses have small workspaces or narrow corridors. It is impossible for the government to take decisions or introduce measures that provide a solution for every business and answer everyone’s questions. Solutions need to be tailored, and the government is willing to provide input and support where possible.

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